Urryth Tooth Supplement/ Booster

Urryth Tooth Supplement/ Booster


Urryth (pronounce: earth) with Magnesium, Calcium, Silica, Phosphate and Alkaline-C is a complete multi-mineral supplement.  Can be mixed with water and taken internally, or used in the mouth whilst brushing as a booster to the Ophir Naturals Remineralizing Tooth Salve

Containing over 58 ionic (highly bio-available) macro, micro and trace minerals; positively charged colloids, enveloped within tiny

negatively charged platelets; Urr-yth is an electric food supplement, and will promote a generally elevated sense of wellbeing.


One 2g serving contains ALL the known building blocks for healthy teeth directly to the bloodstream, or directly onto the surface of the teeth/ gums.  All it takes is ¼ teaspoon, daily, and the potential benefits are too numerous to list, but include: improved bone density, muscle integrity, memory and skin elasticity.


This product is highly sensitive to light heat and moisture. Store in a cool dark place.


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