No more cavities! this product is amazing. I’ve been using the product for a while. 1 randomly checked my teeth this morning, and my cavities have gone!! i recommend this product 100%

-Katie, London UK

Hi there,

I've been using your tooth salve since i saw you at the Allergy Show a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that i'm very impressed with how clean my teeth feel all day long, even after eating! I had to use my previous regular toothpaste at the weekend and i was shocked at how ineffective it seems now!  Thank you very much :-)

-Christine, London UK


I’ve used several other natural toothpastes in the past including a very well known aloe based one. Until now I’ve always had issues with hyper-sensitivity. Since using your toothpaste, my teeth are in the best condition they have been in over 8 years, and the sensitivity is no longer an issue.

Thank you!

- Amy, London UK


I would just like to say that since using your product, I have had several compliments on my teeth. My teeth have never been ‘white’, but since using Ophir salve, my teeth are no longer stained and just feel a lot healthier. I can’t stop smiling :)

- Sandra, London UK


I used this product on recommendation from a friend for my gum issue. I go to the dentist every two months, and floss daily. Since using this product, my gums no longer bleed, and my teeth no longer feel ‘loose’. Because of the bleeding, I also used to have odor issues, which have now disappeared completely, great product.



I love this product – great taste, and my teeth stay smooth and film free all day. Definitely a staple from now on!

- David, Manchester UK

Phenomenal product. The results speak for themselves. I’m very happy and will be repurchasing.  Great product, minus all the rubbish and fillers in commercial toothpastes.

-Mattheus, California US


Usually not a fan of natural products, but this really works. My gums have been swollen for years.  Been using upon recommendation and after 3 weeks use my gums are ‘normal’ again! A++++!

-Mel, NY US

My issue was always thin enamel, which meant I had to eat soft food and chew really carefully. Temperature was a problem too – cold windy days were the worse. The thinness of my enamel also gave my teeth a ‘grey’ coloring which is normal because you can see the dentin through the enamel. I used this product, and not only are my teeth no longer grey, but they are also no longer sensitive. Saviour in a jar xx

- Vee, Glasgow UK