What’s in a name?

Historically, Ophir was a country renowned for its export in finest gold. The name Ophir actually became synonymous with the standard of  ‘fine gold’. King Solomon is documented as being one of many kings who frequented its coasts to gorge his insatiable appetite for the precious mineral.


A word fitly spoken, is like golden apples in a vessel of beaten silver...

Proverbs 25:11


The beaten silver vessel symbolic of an offering, and the golden apple representing a sweet, enduring wisdom.


The imagery therefore is the mouth: clean, whole and only speaking forth what is fitting and timely being just like the coasts of Ophir – producing ship after ship heavily laden with only the purest gold..  


As a brand, Ophir Naturals takes a holistic approach to dental wellness, meaning that the health of your entire mouth is at the center of how our products are formulated.  Whilst our products promise a superior clean, the health of your mouth is never compromised in the process.